Everyday at Crowdfundingpro we venture forth in search of the next great crowd funding campaign and here are our results for Friday December 10th 2011.

Besides finding interesting projects, this post lets you see different campaigns. The more campaigns/videos you observe the more ideas you will have for your Crowdfunding venture.

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Introducing the iLID MK-1 The Worlds Thinnest IPHONE Wallet. This is a very neat companion to your trusty Apple IPHONE. Its a case that attaches to your Iphone that allows you to hold 3 cards, some money and a key, SD card or extra Sim card. Its small at 17mm thick and weighs 30 grams. They are also giving away a free 1GB worlds thinnest USB stick. “the size of a credit card!’ The USB stick is very neat, we have never seen one. Only 6 more hours left. The project is funded! Great  idea Darren and Simon!



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Its Apple day, Another creative project we came across is called Curly Cable. Its a extendable charging cable to charge your Iphone, Ipad and Ipod. Extends from 8 inches to 70 inches (5′ 10″) No more uncomfortable positions when your low on batteries and want to use your device. Great idea Manuel & Luca keep up the good work!

 This project is dedicated to all the very intense iPhone and iPad users. 

At the end of the day we always run out of batteries….. and that’s when we need more to use our iDevices. 

But… common recharging cables are VERY SHORT and they make the use of the iPad and iPhone very uncomfortable!!! 

That’s why we propose you the Curly Cable…. 
an extendible spring cable that allow you to keep using your devices…. in a comfortable way.


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Have a great Day!